Matuse Womens Sophia Long Sleeve 2mm Wetsuit Top

$139.00 $69.00

Ladies, looking to warm the core but show off those new bikini bottoms? The Sophia 2mm Wetsuit Top is the answer. Stylish AND Functional!

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  • The hour glass chest panel not only provides a naturally contoured fit on the bodice but also adds an extra bit of curvy flow to your already stylish lines on the wave.
  • Super-low modulus, max-flex Geoprene that balances the body’s thermostatic line (i.e. you don’t get hot & tired from fighting your suit or cold and bitter from that oil-based neoprene).
  • The mini back-zip maximizes your ease-of-entry while minimizing water-entry.
  • This hydrophobic material (i.e. rejects moisture) is your windbreaker in the water. Makes you feel all buttery inside.
  • 100% Glued and blind stitched seams with satin seal tapin. A powerful trio that provides durability, flexibility and cushy softness for your skin.


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Matuse’s Sophia Wetsuit Top is made from geoprene, relying more on limestone than petroleum. Anything that eases up on the reliance of petroleum sounds good to us!