Matuse Mens Wetsuit Tumo 2mm Full Suit
Matuse Mens Wetsuit Tumo 2mm Full Suit 2


Intimidating the lineup with your buldging forearms? Cover em’ up with the 2mm Matuse Tumo Full Suit, yet don’t burn up like in other full suits. This Matuse 2mm will keep your core the perfect temp while still maintaining all the flexibility of a spring suit!

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Product Description


  • Chest zip Tumo front entry system. Angled front-entry system gives you a VIP pass into your suit but leaves water standing at the door.
  • Titanium coated geoprene texture skin on core. Provides board traction and makes you bulletproof—at least against the wind and cold. The chest & back panels are 3mm for added core warmth. The rest of the suit is 2mm.
  • Super-low modulus, max-flex Geoprene that balances the body’s thermostatic line (i.e. you don’t get hot & tired from fighting your suit or cold and bitter from that oil-based neoprene).
  • Mesh smooth skin exterior on torso, arms, back and hips results in greater warmth by eliminating evaporative cooling in windy conditions
  • 100% Hydrasilk lining. Won’t snag; doesn’t suck; butter soft. This hydrophobic material (i.e. rejects moisture) is your windbreaker in the water. Makes you feel all buttery inside.
  • 100% Glued and blind stitched seams with satin seal taping. A powerful trio that provides durability, flexibility and cushy softness for your skin.