Eco-Friendly Surfing

A Shoe Review: Etnies Dapper Wilko

When Etnies signed Matt ‘Wilko’ Wilkinson to their surf team, we knew it wouldn’t be long before they released a Wilko model that ripped as hard has his backhand surfing.What could’ve never expected was just how dapper these kicks would be. The first thing that’ll turn heads is the colorway: a washed, greyish almost denim […]

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Rob Machado’s Fins

We’ve got one large selection of Environmentally Friendly Fins for your pleasure! If you haven’t already tried out the Rob Machado Signature Fins by Futures Fins you need to get on it ASAP! These Fins are not only beautiful but perform like nobody’s business! Check out this video and learn all about these wave making […]

Eco-Friendly Surfing

Volcom New Future Instagram Contest!

We’re stoked to announce that we’ve teamed up with Volcom New Future for a Photo Contest on Instagram!  Want to win a V.Co-logical product package valued at $250?  Here’s all you gotta do: Follow @envirosurfer and @volcom. Post pictures of your new future Tag the Hashtag #Volcomnewfuture Volcom and Envirosurfer are going to select one […]