About Our Surf Shop

AboutEnvirosurfer is an eco-friendly surf shop run entirely online. While completely catering to the needs of environmentally conscious surfers across the world, we believe our niche in the market contributes to a much greater cause.

Founded in 2009 by Brandon Moyles and Jared Moore, Envirosurfer supports various environmental causes through donations that come directly from the profits of every sale through our site.

By purchasing your eco-friendly surf products through Envirosurfer surf shop, not only are you purchasing products that are environmentally sustainable, but you’re also making a direct contribution to the organizations fighting on the front lines to protect the waves you love.



Customer Testimonials

sam“I think that it’s great that I have the option to do business with an environmentally responsible surf shop. By offering eco-friendly alternatives to our traditional surf equipment, we are given a choice to take responsibility for our environment. Ten years ago that wasn’t even a possibility. Envirosurfer’s promotion of a healthy lifestyle, and a healthy environment is an idea that everyone can get behind. Also the stickers are cool.” Sam H. Queensland, Australia